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Guarda il Promo Video della Bird Control Italy. CLICCA QUI.

Watch the Bird Control Italy Promo Video. CLICK HERE.

Superquark puntata del 29-7-2010, Piero Angela dedica un servizio speciale sul bird strike. CLICCA QUI per visualizzarlo.

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Corsi di Formazione al personale Bird Control Unit


Massimo Antinori - Chief Executive - Bird Control Italy srl
Massimo Antinori - Chief Executive - Bird Control Italy srl (left photo)


“Bird Control Italy srl” is a company which has been working at a national level on the Italian market since 1998 in the field of Bird Dispersal and Risk Assessment of impacts between birds and aircraft.
We are present as:  suppliers, advisers and service operators (with our own personnel) in over twenty Civil Aerodromes and twenty one Military Aerodromes in the whole of Italy. 
We would like to propose our own EXCLUSIVE SOFTWARE SYSTEM  for Bird Strike Management which has proven to be of invaluable help to the people in charge of Bird Control Units in carrying out their duties.  This innovative system can be utilised on our website (  and  is very flexible and easy to consult  simply using a  login and  password wherever you may be.
Software Bird Strike Management System Software Bird Strike Management System
Our exclusive software system gives a risk coefficient re  the presence of birds in aerodromes: Quantity, Species, Weight, Wingspan and Position on gridmap.
This software system provides a Risk Assessment Evaluation of the presence of Birdlife in Aerodromes.
One of the many advantages of this system is the fact that it creates a data base, thus enabling the Management to have a clear overall picture of the situation at all times.

We will waiting you at STAND 53

Airport Exchange 2009 Barcellona

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promo video bird control italy Srl

Bird Control Italy from Bird Control Italy on Vimeo.

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