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Wildlife hazard management and removal

About us

Bird Control Italy srl (BCI) is a company founded in 1998 and specializes in airport safety, with particular attention to wildlife hazards,Wildlife Hazard Management, Risk Assessment and lowering of risks.
Bird Control Italy srl provides consulting services and conducts environmental research in collaboration with various Institutes and Universities, Agronomists, Biologists and other experts in the field.
Bird Control Italy srl provides software and hardware necessary to reduce the wildlife strike risk and all necessary means for wildlife dispersal in airports.
Bird Control Italy srl uses falcons at Treviso airport (TSF) and Venice airport (VCE) as part of the airport's wildlife management program.
In 2005 BCI worked with the Italian Military Air Force (ISV) on a wildlife strike project in 20 Military Airports.

Our services
Bird Control
Wildlife hazard management and removal, by means of the age-old tradition of falconry together with the latest technology, hardware and software, especially for airports (Bird Control Unit).
Our products
We provide hardware for
harmless wildlife removal:
Remote Controlled Gas cannons, Distress Calls, Lasers.
Training and workshops
Our experts lead regular training events, workshops and seminars, especially for Wildlife Strike Hazard.
Our software
Bird Strike Management System
Wildlife e bird strike management monitoring and reporting
MRS AirportSafety Software
MRS Monitoring Reporting System Software for Safety Management System
Coreca software
Remote control for gas cannons

Runway Intrusion Guard System
CSD AirportSafety Software
CSD Control Safety Duties for Safety Checklist, audits and inspections

Obstacle Control Software
Monitoring system
Training management system for airports
Software and Hardware technology for complete management of
airport emergency plan alerting and activating

Bird Detector
Wildlife Detection System
New 2021

Android APP and software to produce Runway Condition Report and Snowtam according to ICAO and EASA GRF

Android app/online software
Monitoring and reporting runway conditions and contaminations will be easier and faster with our MRS GRF software!
It's never been so easy to produce Runway Condition Reports and Snowtams and communicate to AIS and ATIS!
We develop, distribute and always provide support for our products and software.

All our applications
Wildlife Monitor
Safety Monitor
MRS Monitor

are available free of charge.
Try our software in a free demo version, make your request to :

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